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  • Pet Dental FAQ
    Pet Dental FAQ At Firestone Animal Hospital in Downey, California, we provide exceptional vet care and unsurpassed customer service. We are available to provide regular wellness exams, urgent care, and surgical Read more
  • Heartworm Treatment
    Heartworm Treatment and Preventatives Heartworm is a deadly parasite that can infect your dog and cat. In most cases, our veterinarian sees pets in Downey, California, with heartworm disease when Read more
  • Importance of An Annual Pet Exam
    The Importance of an Annual Pet Exam An annual pet exam can help your pet stay healthy year-round and can save you money on veterinary care needs, too. Learning more about Read more
  • Questions to Ask Before Your Pet's Surgery
    Questions to Ask Before Your Pet's Surgery Pets need surgery for a variety of reasons, from simply spay and neuter surgeries to trauma repair and other healing procedures. It is important Read more
  • Signs your Pet has Allergies
    Signs your Pet has Allergies Pets can suffer from a variety of skin ailments, such as irritation caused by a rash, dryness of the skin, or an allergic reaction that causes Read more
  • Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets
    Dental Hygiene Is Important for Pets It is important that your pet get routine dental exams once a year to check for dental problems and look at your pet's oral hygiene. Read more
  • Pet Boarding
    Going Somewhere? Know the Requirements for Pet Boarding If you are relying on a boarding kennel to watch your dog or cat, know what is expected. Talk to boarding professionals early Read more
  • Vaccinate Your Pets
    Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets If you are planning to adopt a pet, the first thing that you should do is schedule an appointment for vaccines. Regardless of the pet's age, Read more

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