Pet Boarding at Firestone Animal Hospital in Downey, CA

In an ideal world, you and your pet would be constant companions to each other. Sometimes your pet can't follow you on your journeys -- and this can cause some justifiable concern for you (not to mention anxiety for your pet). You want to make sure your pet has ready access to the care and attention they need while you're away, including high-quality veterinary care. Schedule pet boarding here at Firestone Animal Hospital with our trusted and caring Downey, CA veterinarians.

Veterinarian with a happy dogHow Pets Benefit From Veterinary Boarding

You may already know that your pet prefers the company of humans whenever possible. Even pets who may seem aloof on the surface can become anxious, depressed, or panicky if they feel that they've been left all alone in the house. A brief daily feeding by a well-intentioned neighbor is no substitute -- and it may provide an opportunity for your pet to run out of the house.

In additional to your pet's psychological well-being, you must also consider his physical wellness. If your pet has a medical crisis when no one is there to see it, the result could be tragic. This issue takes on special urgency of you have a pet who is elderly or chronically ill. These pets need regular attention, preferably from someone who can administer the appropriate care on the spot if necessary,

A Safe, Comfortable Home Away From Home

The good news is that you can provide your pet with a safe, comfortable home away from home here at Firestone Animal Hospital's boarding facility. We offer well-kept, climate-controlled living areas, high-quality meals, and opportunities for indoor and/or outdoor exercise and playtime. (We can even provide grooming services on request.) Simply being around other pets and caring humans will make your pet feel more at ease while you're gone. Best of all, our Downey veterinarian, Dr. Rocha, can administer any ongoing medication, monitoring, and other medical care your pet may require. The peace of mind you enjoy from this arrangement will enable you to focus on your journey's objectives instead of constantly worrying about your furry friend's welfare.

Does your pet only need daytime supervision? If so, we can provide it. Firestone Animal Hospital offers daycare services as well as long-term boarding stays. 

Let Our Downey Veterinarian Look After Your Pet

If you need to arrange for pet boarding at Firestone Animal Hospital, call (562) 928-1341 to make any necessary preparations. Our Downey veterinarian may need to update your pet's vaccinations or otherwise prepare your pet for his stay. Making your reservation ahead of time will make everything easier, so book that boarding stay today!


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