Pet Urgent Care

It is essential that you take your pet to the veterinarian every year for a full exam and the necessary preventative care measures. There are; however, times that you should take your pet in for emergency care. It is essential that you are able to understand the signs and symptoms that would warrant a visit for emergency pet services. Should you find your pet in an emergency situation, you can bring them to Firestone Animal Hospital in Downey, CA, for treatment.

Pet Urgent Care at Firestone Animal Hospital in Downey

Traumatic Injury

If your pet was hit by a car, if they had a fall, or if they are experiencing any type of traumatic injury, you should seek help from a veterinarian. If there are any broken bones, the bone will need to be set to ensure that it heals correctly. If they have an abrasion, they might need stitches, and your pet will need wound care to prevent an infection. If your pet has any type of injury or trauma, they need to see the vet immediately. 

Excessive Drinking

If your pet is drinking much more than usual, they could be suffering from diabetes. If it is hotter than usual, it is normal for an animal to drink excessively. If it is comfortable in the home and your pet is drinking and urinating more than usual, you should see the vet right away.

Vomiting or Diarrhea

If your pet is vomiting or if he has diarrhea, it can cause them to become dangerously dehydrated. If they have had two or more episodes in 24 hours, they should see the vet.

Suspected Poison

If your pet has ingested anything poisonous such as medications for humans, chocolate, antifreeze, or rodent poison, you should get them to the vet immediately. Your vet will need to get the poison out of your pet's system as quickly as possible.

Coughing, Choking, or Difficult Breathing

If your pet is showing any signs that they are struggling to breathe, you should take them to the vet right away. There could be something stuck in their throat or their windpipe. They could also have an infection that is making it difficult for them to breathe. You should get them to the vet right when the symptoms begin so that they can get the necessary care to help them start breathing again normally.

Heat Stress or Heat Stroke

If your pet has been outdoors in the hot weather for an extended period of time, they could show symptoms of heat stroke. These symptoms include excessive panting and drooling, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, vomiting, weakness, and seizures. If your pet has suffered from heat stress or stroke, a trip to the veterinarian is necessary to save their life.

Don’t Delay, Bring Your Pet in Right Away

If your pet is showing any of the signs and symptoms that they need emergency care, you should take them to Firestone Animal Hospital in Downey immediately. The veterinarian at our veterinary clinic can help treat your pet's emergency and save their life. For more information on our veterinary pet services, you can call us at (562) 928-1341 

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