Tips for Preventing Heartworm

Having a pet in your home can be a great addition to your family and bring you a lot of joy. When you do have a pet in the Downey area, it is important that you provide it with quality veterinary care. There are a variety of conditions, such as heartworm, which can be very problematic for an animal. Fortunately, heartworm prevention is very possible when you work with your veterinarian. There are a variety of heartworm prevention tips, which could help you and your pet to avoid this condition.


Routine Veterinarian Checkups

One of the most effective ways that you can prevent heartworm is by going in to see a veterinarian for regular checkups. The main reason why you should come in for checkups is that it can be a great form of preventative care. The vet will be able to identify a variety of issues with your pet's health before they turn into more serious problems. This can include identifying if your pet is at risk of heartworm and then prescribing the proper medication to manage this risk. 

Provide Your Pet with the Appropriate Medications

Another way that you can reduce the risk of heartworm in your pet is by providing it with the proper medication. Today, taking a heartworm prevention medication is common for any pet. The products are normally taken orally and are very effective at protecting against heartworm.

Keep Bugs Away from Dog

Heartworm is spread through the bites of infected mosquitos. If you are able to keep these insects away from your animal, it could prevent heartworms from ever being introduced into your pet’s system. While this can be hard to do completely, those that are able to have their yard sprayed for mosquito prevention could help to reduce the bug population. This could then reduce the risk and likelihood that your pet will get heartworm. Preventative heartworm medication is, however, the best way to ensure your pet isn’t plagued by these parasites.

Contact Us to Learn More about Heartworm Prevention

Ultimately, anyone that is in the Downey area and would like to prevent heartworms from infesting their pets, will need to see a veterinarian on a regular basis. For those that are in this area, coming to Firestone Animal Hospital can be a great option. When you come here, you can be assured that your animal will receive great care and will receive the heartworm prevention services that it needs to live a happy and healthy life.  

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