Pet Nutritional Counseling

Pets, like humans, have nutritional needs that require attention. It is not enough to give your furry friend the love and attention that he or she desires. You must also provide your animal friend with a nutrition schedule that promotes his or her growth. Obtaining pet nutritional counseling from a veterinarian in Downey is a good way to ensure that your furry pal remains in good health. 

What is pet nutritional counseling?

Pet nutritional counseling is a method used by many pet owners to keep a balanced nutrition schedule for their dogs and cats. The average session may involve a veterinarian teaching you about the many ways that you can enhance your pet’s diet so that he or she gets the most out of mealtime. 

It a sad reality that dogs, as well as cats, suffer from obesity in the United States. In fact, obesity in cats is more common than in dogs and could lead to a 20 percent reduction in life expectancy. Imagine your cat in Downey dying several years before time because he or she is overweight.

There is certainly the issue of physical activity in cats and dogs, and the lack thereof, that contributes to overall health. Nutrition, however, has a lot to do with a pet’s desire to exercise. Cats that receive essential vitamins with every meal may feel more energized and, thus, may move around the house more than cats that are given meals with fillers. 

Pet nutritional counseling helps pet owners find the solution to the problem of obesity in their cat or dog. You can essentially help your furry friend lower his or her blood pressure and reduce the likelihood of heart disease in the near future by soliciting training for a better nutrition plan. 

Nutrition for pregnant or nursing dogs

Cats are not the only animals in need of specialized nutrition plans. Expectant or nursing dogs also need nutrition plans that contribute to the greater good of health. 

A nursing dog provides nutrients to her puppies. This means that all the fillers found in many cheap dog foods are going to the smaller dogs, which could lead to stunted growth and other problems. 

A proper nutrition schedule takes into account the fact that nursing and pregnant dogs are caring for themselves and their newborns. A good plan works to combat malnourishment by providing the mother dog with an abundance of nutrients that she, in turn, passes to her pups. 

It is important to note that nursing dogs lose energy because of their roles. It is, thus, essential that new moms receive vitamins and other nutrients that provide more energy. More energy also reduces the possibility of your dog developing obesity due to a lack of physical activity. 

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