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Do you ever worry that your pet is just a small, defenseless animal in a big, potentially hazardous world? You should keep in mind that some of the biggest dangers come from the smallest sources -- namely, germs that can invade your pet's body. You can make sure your pet has the right protection against these threats by bringing him to Firestone Animal Hospital for any necessary vaccinations. Our Downey clinic knows just which vaccines will benefit your pet the most.

Dog getting a vaccination

What Do Vaccines Do?

What are vaccines, and how do they work to keep your pet healthy? A vaccine is just an inactive version of the same germ you're seeking protection against. It won't produce the illness in your pet, but it will stimulate the immune system to start making antibodies against the real thing. This form of protection will continue for as long as the vaccine remains potent -- usually a period of 1 to 3 years. 

The Right Times to Vaccinate Your Pet

Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to germs because their immune systems haven't been exposed to many germs; their mother's milk gives them whatever immunity they have for the first few weeks of life. So beginning at the age of 6 weeks, most puppies and kittens need to begin a program of vaccinations. They receive several rounds of shots in the first months of their lives to reinforce their immunity. After this initial flurry of activity, your pet may only need occasional booster shots to make sure his immunity doesn't flag. Your pet might also need additional vaccinations to accommodate changes in his lifestyle or environment. (See below.)

Selecting Core and Non-Core Vaccines

Certain vaccinations are a must for all cats and dogs. These include vaccines that protect against rabies, canine/feline distemper, feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus type 1, canine hepatitis, and canine parvovirus. these are known as core vaccinations. Your pet may receive a separate rabies shot and a combined shot that contains the other vaccines.

Some animals need vaccinations above and beyond the standard list of core vaccinations. These non-core vaccinations are sometimes called elective vaccinations, but there's nothing optional about them if your pet faces certain environmental risks. For instance, if you're planning on boarding your pet alongside other animals, your veterinary clinic may administer vaccinations against Bordetella or feline leukemia. 

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Your pet matters to you -- and so should the vaccinations that ensure a long and healthy life for him. Call Firestone Animal Hospital at (562) 928-1341 today to schedule core or non-core vaccinations at our Downey veterinary clinic!




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