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Whether you found a kitten on the street, adopted a puppy at your local shelter, or just received the newest addition to the family from a breeder, they will need veterinary care as soon as possible. At Firestone Animal Hospital, we can help you get your pet off to a great start with puppy and kitten care at an affordable price.  Schedule their first visit with us as soon as possible so we can make sure they are pest and disease free and our veterinarian will show you how to keep them that way.


Puppy and Kitten Care Packages for a Healthy Start

Adopting a new kitten or puppy is a big responsibility. We offer vaccination packages priced to help you with the cost of bringing home a new furry friend. Once your puppy is fully inoculated they will avoid contracting most of the major contagious diseases that can lead to death. Your friend will also not pass along any of these horrible diseases to other animals at the park. Our puppy and kitten care packages include a full physical exam, testing for common illnesses, and a complete set of shots.

Why Early Vaccinations and Exams are Important

Did you know that even baby cats and dogs that are raised by reputable breeders will often come home with fleas, ear mites, and even worms? It is not a reflection on the care they received while growing up, but these common ailments are uncomfortable and potentially harmful to your pet’s health. Bring your puppy or kitten in for their first physical exam as soon as they come home. The vaccinations give their immune systems the boost needed to continue to fight off common and contagious illnesses for years to come.

Schedule Your Spay or Neuter and Microchipping

We also provide spay and neuter surgeries as soon as you and the veterinarian are comfortable with the procedure. Neutering or spaying your puppy or kitten not only prevents an unwanted litter, but it also promotes a longer and healthier life.

A microchip can be inserted during your pet’s first physical. This chip can help a lost cat or dog get returned to their owner quickly. If you have any questions about feeding, training, or other concerns regarding your pet's health, do not hesitate to call us.

Reserve Your First Puppy or Kitten Appointment with Dr. Rocha Today

It's easy to set up your puppy or kitten appointment in Downey, CA. Call Firestone Animal Hospital today at (562) 928-1341 or use our online scheduling tool to request a day and time that works for you.

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