We value our clients' experience at Firestone Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "My bad luck in life is my dog's skin problems. This goes back to a dog I had 20 years ago that leads me to review this doctor, something I never do. He made his diagnosis and treatment plan so quickly that I doubted it at first, but I realized he had quite a bit of experience under his belt (from the accreditations and diplomas in the hall and exam). So, I went with it including a severe diet change (after years with a top brand). I couldn't be more impressed now, a month later. Honey's skin is so much better, and her demeanor has improved too (no more itching and discomfort). I commend this doctor and his experience."
    - Joshua K.
  • "This place is great. The location is modern and clean and the people here, especially the receptionist, is very caring and knowledgeable. I used to go to Casillas, and although I loved that place, I will be coming to this place from now on. Their prices are very affordable, and even lets you know of options for you to save! I think consultation is $35. Fast and affordable, with plenty of parking."
    - David
  • "This is the only office in the area that a human being actually answered the phone shortly after midnight. Miley snuck out and was hit, we don't even know by what - a car, possibly a bat. The manner in which the doctor got to the hospital in five minutes and helped her right away was really something. Since I work in the entertainment industry, I was thinking they should make a show out of this guy! She's still hospitalized, just got back from seeing her, but it seems like she's gonna be fine. Spoke to another client whose dog recently has emergency surgery to remove a "shell" from her intestines and she's doing well. Just want to commend this facility, especially the doctor. We thank you so much for saving Miley's Life. We will never forget how you saved him. We appreciate the confidence and faith you gave us!"
    - Mike and Liz R.
  • "Dear Dr. and Mrs. Rocha, my sincerest thank you to both of you for all your loving care of Bella, Sunshine and Pandora. You are both so dedicated to the care and comfort of all the animals that come through your door. Thank your staff for me also. They are great! God bless you both. We have been clients for so many years, and find that your consistency and prices are very fair. I just recently found out that you are AAHA certified and how very few hospitals earn that accreditation. Congratulations."
    - Irene and George
  • "I did not expect the type of service I was used to in the Midwest, where I'm from - old fashioned, family oriented care and concern, involved and expert. As an avid German Shepherd owner my whole life, the care I've seen for more than many years of dog ownership is quite eclectic, varied and unpredictable. The care Rin Tin received put me at ease regarding his critical care. I thought the veterinary care you see in the old Rockwell paintings was from a bygone era; Dr. Rocha has epitomized those paintings and that era - good old American expertise"
    - Lester

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